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10 Beauty tricks you should know if you want to survive the hot season

The funniest moment of the year arrived. Yes, the hot season! With your holidays, parties … and days and nights of intense heat that only make you look tired and full of sweat, so avoid parties in the pool or even go for ice cream because of the intense fear that your makeup will melt.

But do not worry anymore, enjoy your vacation to the fullest and look as fresh and radiant as at any time of the year with the following tricks:

1. That the sun does not ruin your skin

Freeze aloe vera in trays for ice cubes to alleviate sunburn

2. Let the sensuality invade your lips

3. Do not cut your hair!

Many girls tend to cut their hair during this season due to the heat; Do not let that be your case and keep your long hair in order, you only need the help of a silk handkerchief to pick it up quickly and with style.

4. Look your natural side

Do not try to hide the sweat or grease on your face, caused by excess heat, with powder makeup. Instead, it uses sheets of blotting paper; You can create yours by yourself

5. Stay cool and radiant

Create a coffee-based mask to combat heat and reduce swelling

6. Avoid chafing due to excess sweat

Apply a little baby powder in the affected areas or where your body produces excess sweat. If you do not trust any specific brand, you can create your own talc 

7. Nothing wash it out

If you love the color of your hair and you want to avoid discoloration, you can use conditioner with FPS; In case you can not find one, you can make yours

8. Be careful, do not shine too much

We know that your personality is radiant, but avoid shining too much, especially if it is your skin. Keep a matte and fat-free skin with milk of magnesia. Apply it after your body moisturizer and before your makeup routine in the case of the face.

9. What happens on the beach, stays on the beach

Remove bikini marks with a little aspirin. This is an excellent exfoliator because of its salicylic acid

10. Walk lightly and safely

Avoid dry and cracked feet by sea salt. Use Vaseline and cotton socks at night to get a night miracle.

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