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10 Simple exercises for girls with a wide back and small hip

We know! One of the areas where our extra kilos are reflected in the back and more when we want to wear a dress without sleeves, a neckline or a swimsuit. Unfortunately, the chubby backs, along with the thighs and abdomen, are one of the most common places where fat is stored.

However, with a low meal in flour and sugar, while exercising at least three hours a week, you can significantly reduce back fat.

1. Pull ups

girl doing exercise

You can stand on a drawer that helps you get up when doing the pull-ups with the bar. Lower your body slowly in a controlled movement.

2. Dumbbell rope

girl with sports clothes

Place one knee on the bench, chair or table with a lightweight on the opposite hand, lean slightly forward with your back straight. Contract your arm back and down. Do 12 repetitions and then change your arm.

3. Renegade row

girl doing exercise

In a board position, with your arms stretched under your shoulders, squeezing your buttocks and contracting your abdomen towards the spine. Raise a light weight dumbbell, when lowering it, exchange the weight to the other hand and repeat this series 15 times.

4. TYI Exercise

girl with sports clothes

Lie on your stomach on the floor, keeping a small dumbbell in each hand. Use your back to lift the chest a little. Then move your arms up in a T position, then let go and move into a Y position, with your arms stretched out and touching over your head.

5. Push ups

girl with red blouse

This basic movement works the chest, but it can be a great exercise to reduce your back as well. Put yourself in a position of standard push-ups with your hands on the floor, more open than your shoulders. Stay down for three seconds and then get up again, contracting your chest.

6. Jumping rope

girl jumping rope

The jump rope can make you feel that you are only working the shoulders, but remember that the shoulders are connected to the back, so the muscles in this area also work. In addition, it is an excellent cardio exercise that will make you burn fat throughout your body.

7. Lizards on the wall

girl doing exercise

Stand facing a wall, stretch your arms and place the palms of your hands on it. Flex your elbows and stretch them, so that your arms and back work.

8. Rowing in gym

girls in the gym

The basic rowing movement works your back perfectly. Get on a rowing machine in your gym or try something more fun with a water rowing class.

9. Yoga

girl doing yoga

Practicing yoga two to three times a week will help you eliminate the accumulated fat in the back and arms, as well as toning the skin and muscles.

10. Half lizards

girl wearing short shorts

Lying on the floor, face down and knees bent towards the back. Stretch your arms lifting your body up to waist height, and raise and lower your arms. Do repetitions of 10, three times, and do the exercise only three times a week.

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