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7 Commandments that EVERY girl must follow to keep a firm bust

A beautiful bust is the pride of every girl. However, the skin of the breasts is extremely thin, has few sebaceous glands, and also lack muscles and ligaments to support them. For that reason, they lose firmness with the passage of time.

But not all is lost. There are several tricks, endorsed by medical specialists, who will reaffirm the beauty of your breasts in less than a blink.

1. Avoid the sun’s rays

Do not abuse the sunscreen, this can cause dry skin and loss of elasticity.

2. Find the right support

Practicing sports helps to improve your figure, but it can be bad for your bust because sudden movements cause damage to the sensitive tissue. The solution is to choose appropriate sportswear. Never run or jump without a bra.

3. Do not press your bust

Avoid sleeping on your stomach and choose comfortable underwear to avoid interruption in blood circulation.

4. Watch your posture

When you arch your back, you not only visually reduce the size of your bust, but you also relax the pectoral muscles. Try to keep your shoulders open while you walk and recharge your back on the back of the seat where you rest.

5. Showers with cold water

A bath with cold water is not always pleasant, but it is very useful to keep the skin tone.

6. Apply creams for the volume

This type of cream not only helps you increase the volume of your bust, but it also moisturizes and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

7. Relaxing massages

Use coconut oil to massage your bust gently, this favors elasticity and increases firmness.

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