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7 Rasta styles that will convince you to make your own

For some the dreads or dreadlocks have become a lifestyle, they see it as a way to express their originality, while others flee for being a complicated style to maintain.

Although dreadlocks are definitely not for everyone, surely these 7 styles will make you curious to try. You can not deny that they look great!

1. Dreadlocks are not exclusive to the Rastafarian movement

Blonde girl with dreadlocks and overalls

2. If you want to do the first thing is to let your hair grow

Redhead girl with dreadlocks

3. You must have a lot of hair and better if it is thick

Girl with brown hair and blue eyes with dreadlocks

4. If you have dandruff it is preferable that you submit to a previous treatment

Redhead girl with dreadlocks and sweater

5. Keep in mind that dreads generate moisture

Brunette girl with dreads and chongos by Sailor Moon

6. So you should wash the root with antiseptic shampoo once a week

Blonde girl with dreadlocks and beret

7. Increase your consumption of vitamin B to strengthen the root

Girl with dreadlocks sitting in a cafe

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