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A man who set himself on fire near the White house dies of injuries

Us Park police confirmed that the man who set fire to himself near the White House on Wednesday afternoon died from his injuries. Park police and the US secret service responded to reports of a man who reportedly lit himself on an ellipse of the White House. The police later identified the man as Arnava Gupta from Bethesda, Maryland.

A spokesman for the Fire Department in Washington, D.C., said that rescuers managed to put out the fire. Officials tried to determine which accelerator the person used to start the fire.

Sergeant Eduardo Delgado, a Park police spokesman, said investigators don’t know the man’s motives at the time. Graphic videos on social networks showed that Gupta was on the Ellipse, engulfed in flames until rescuers arrived at the scene.

The ellipse is a 52-acre Park South of the main white house complex, which is open to the public. In April, the man was hospitalized after he lit his jacket on fire near the White House, causing a short-term blockage. The secret service at the time said that the person in the incident received non-life-threatening injuries.

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