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A woman totally responds to the stranger you flash in ATMs.

The woman who celebrated her birthday quickly decided to get her phone out and pick up the man who was apparently trying to flash her while she was standing at the ATM.

The incident was filmed in the lobby of the State Bank of India in Mumbai by a woman who came in to withdraw money to pay for a taxi that was waiting outside.

The man reportedly offered to pay for a taxi and “kept touching” the woman who was returning from her birthday celebration.

The woman posted their records on Twitter and wrote:

woman films man who flashed her

The video has since been over 1.2 million times.

The victim then reported the incident to the police, who arrested the 38-year-old suspect.

The press-Secretary of police Pushkaraj Suryavanshi told The Sun :

When the woman approached the patrol van, police assistant inspector Bharat Jodha and his team followed the criminal and arrested him.

The victim then visited the police station to register a formal complaint. According to reports, the suspect is now facing two charges under the Indian Penal code.

Explaining what happened in more detail on Instagram, the victim wrote:

Last night I was coming home from Bandra after a concert and stopped a rickshaw at an ATM near my house. I go to the ATM and get upset when the machine does not release the money. This is the first time a man walks into an ATM and asks if I need help or if I want him to pay for the ride. I politely refuse to say I can do it.

When I get out of the ATM, I get into an argument with the rickshaw about how I’m going to pay him for the fare. It’s when a police car pulls up and I explain my situation to them.

woman films man who flashed her at ATM

She continued:

After 5-10 minutes after talking with the police, I say that I will try again at the ATM. I’m back at the ATM trying to withdraw money. And the man again enters the ATM. But this time he comes closer and touches my shoulder and hip, again asking if I need help. I immediately step back and yell at him to stay away from me and that I don’t need his help.

I’m trying to withdraw money again, and he’s still there. When I hear him, he calls out to me and brazenly asks me to take a look at his hard cock, which he pulled out of the zipper area of his denim. I quietly start my VCR and turn the camera right on it. That’s when he freaked out and ran out of the ATM. I run to the police car and show them the video.

The man obviously claimed he was drunk at the time, though the women plan to bring him to trial to “make him pay for what he made me feel.”

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