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At 59 years old, she is one of the most coveted models in the fashion industry

Yasmina Rossi is a 59-year-old model, of French origin, who is still highly coveted in the industry. Unlike many other models, Yasmina began her career when she was almost thirty years old, at which age most began to retire.

The great opportunity came for Rossi when he moved to New York City when he was 45 years old. He has worked with international and famous brands such as Marks & Spencer, Hermes and Macy’s. She was born in France in 1955 and grew up on the island of Cócerga. In addition to her successful career as a model, Rossi is also a photographer and grandmother.

Naturally, everyone wants to know how he has remained relatively young and in good health. “It’s no secret,” he told The Sunday Times. And she shared that her beauty regime consists of eating organic foods, eating a healthy diet and doing some exercise.

The beautiful grandmother of two children appears with wrinkles and fine lines on her photos but said she is happier with her appearance now than when she was twenty years old

“All I’ve done is eat organic foods. Long before I became a model “

“I take oil and I also use it on my skin: I put turnip oil in my hair”

“I also rub my skin once a week with olive oil and sugar”

“Like an avocado a day, organic meat and fish”

“I exercise moderately”

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