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The popular YouTuber Emily Hartridge dies at 35

YouTube personality Emily Hartridge died on Friday, according to an announcement made on her official Instagram account. “It’s something terrible on Instagram, but we know a lot of you expected to see Emily today, and it’s the only way to reach them at the same time,” the post says. “Emily …

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The menstrual cycle affects women all month: study

Women are so different but have something in common: the menstrual cycle, a process that affects everyone equally, and although there are variations in duration are not exempt from experiencing changes in mood, abdominal pain, cramping, among other annoying symptoms. For a long time, it has been said that only …

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7 Rasta styles that will convince you to make your own

For some the dreads or dreadlocks have become a lifestyle, they see it as a way to express their originality, while others flee for being a complicated style to maintain. Although dreadlocks are definitely not for everyone, surely these 7 styles will make you curious to try. You can not deny that …

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