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China accuses the US of “economic terrorism” as tensions in trade wars escalate

China accused the trump administration of committing “economic terrorism” on Thursday, escalating its war of words with the United States amid growing trade tensions between the two countries.

The Foreign minister said that the White house “caused huge damage to the economy of other countries and the United States itself,” spokesman Lu Kang told reporters in Beijing on Thursday.

Lu described US trade policy as”typical economic terrorism, economic hegemony and economic unilateralism”.

The statement followed the equally ominous rhetoric of the Chinese state media, which on Wednesday sent a strict message to Washington: “do Not say that we did not warn you.”

People’s Daily, the ruling Communist party, used a loaded phrase in a comment Wednesday that said China would “never accept” us suppression of China’s development.
The warning came as China’s leading economic planning Agency suggested that it would be willing to limit exports of rare earth minerals, which are crucial for high-tech production.

On May 15, Trump’s administration signed an order that potentially banned major Chinese companies, such as technology giant Huawei, from purchasing U.S. computer chips. UU. Many of these chips are manufactured using rare earth elements, the main exporter of which is China.

China’s President Xi Jinping on May 20 in the company of JL MAG Rare-Earth Co. Ltd. in Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province in Eastern China.
“The United States is now completely overestimating its ability to control the global supply chain and is forced to punch itself in the face when it is sober from its happy, ignorant indulgence,” the commentary, published under the pseudonym uyue, Reads. “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

In the past, this phrase has been reserved by China’s state media for times of serious conflict.
The people’s newspaper used it in 1962 before entering into armed conflict against India, and again in 1978 before invading Vietnam. Most recently, though, appeared in several people’s Daily comments on issues from Taiwan to the trade war.

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