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‘Dad of the year’ wears very short shorts to teach his daughter a lesson

A man from Florida jokingly taught his daughter a lesson about her clothes in a viral video in which he saw him enter her room in tight, skimpy shorts.

Now that we’re finally on the eve of summer – though England doesn’t look like it – the shorts are back in people’s wardrobe to help combat the warm weather.

However, while Kendall hilly’s cropped denim shorts would be practical for keeping calm, Jason’s dad just didn’t feel like they were suitable for “cover-up.”

I have to say, I think Kendall’s clothing is on the manual end of the spectrum when it comes to short shorts; there definitely are a few more revealing options out there.

Although dads will be dads, and instead of just making a bad pun or a classic joke with dad, Jason tried to find his own pair of shorts suitable for his daughter.

Dad went on Facebook to share his video of “Parenting 101”, in which he was filmed as he walked into Kendall’s room, showing off most of his legs.

He wrote:

Do you wear yours in public? I’ll wear mine!

Dad embarrasses daughter by wearing skimpy shorts

It’s unclear if he found the cut-off shorts in the men’s section of the store, or if he had just grown several sizes in the same style as Kendall, but either way, he was rocking them.

Naturally, the young girl was horrified to see her dad mocking her appearance, and she tried to refuse when he told her to put on her own “shorts,” but eventually she gave up when he threatened to take her out of school in a skimpy outfit.

Kendall posed next to her triumphant father, looking as embarrassed as could be expected.

Although American girls seemed to have a few pairs of short shorts – obviously, due to the fact that she asked her father what “edging” the shorts he was referring to Jason, obviously, has reached its last drop after the last purchase, which was ” should be much longer.”

The father asked the woman behind the camera whose bottoms were shorter and she showed that they were actually related to the number of legs they were showing.

I’m not sure if Jason’s shocking tactics would be enough to push his daughter away in shorts, but I’m sure she’ll be stuck with a picture of her father posing in skimpy denim every time she goes to wear them in the future.

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