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Do you have a Huawei? This will affect the break with Google

Google gave a blow to Huawei and also to smartphone users of the Chinese firm? The restrictions imposed by US technology against Huawei on the Android operating system concern not only the manufacturer of mobile phones because users do not know how this will affect their team.

Although Google did not clarify whether these restrictions will last, Huawei does not have a good outlook in the short term, as the measure can alienate consumers and make it fall from the position of a second-largest manufacturer with global sales with 59.1 million units sold, according to IDC Global data.

These are the questions that the owners of a Huawei pose after the restriction:

What will Google do?

The technology giant announced on Sunday the suspension of all commercial activity with Huawei, but in a statement said that while complying with all requirements of the US government, “services such as Google Play and Security will continue to work on any existing Huawei device.”

Users will not be able to use the Google store, their own applications, the Google Assistant and the Gmail service.

I already have a Huawei, and now what?

If you already have a phone from the Chinese firm then you will not have problems installing new applications or downloading the updates for Google services. This is because their devices were already certified under the processes known as Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Vendor Test Suite (VTS).

Google will provide new versions of its products and authorize downloads from its Google Play app.

And the new equipment?

These phones will not have access to pre-installed Google Mobile Services. This includes downloading applications, music, photos from Google, YouTube, Maps and Google Drive Cloud Storage.

The ban prevents Google from working directly with Huawei on hardware, software, and technical services, which forces the company’s future devices to use the public version of the Android Open Source Project operating system.

The ban puts the firm’s supply chain in jeopardy and may even delay the implementation of 5G services in the world, but the immediate problem for the Chinese firm is what it implies for its future sales. Huawei said in December 2018 that there are more than 500 million consumers who use their phones in the world.

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