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Eating chocolate cake helps you lose weight; Forget the salads!

Attention, chocolate lovers! According to a study conducted by the University of Tel Aviv, in Israel, chocolate -as part of a well-balanced breakfast- helps you lose weight.

This could be your salvation against the heavy and insipid diets in which everything is about salads. Just remember that you must not exceed 600 calories and balance this delicious delicacy with protein and carbohydrates.

Eating chocolate cake not only helps you lose some sizes, but avoids cravings during the day.

During the experiment 200 people with obesity (men and women), after several weeks under observation, were subjected to a diet.

Half of the group was given a low-carbohydrate diet and did not exceed 300 calories at breakfast. The rest were assigned a diet with 600 calories at breakfast, distributed between protein and carbohydrates; In addition, they incorporated a piece of chocolate cake.

The scientists discovered that by adding desserts such as cookies or chocolate in the first meal of the day, people lost weight faster and kept the same weight for longer.

Although at the beginning of the test all the people lost weight equally, after 32 weeks only the second group managed to lose more than 18 kilos.

With these results the researchers affirm that the consumption of desserts should not be abandoned in order to lose weight, because this only increases the desire to eat them more intensely and in doing so, the balance of the food that was taken away is lost. The healthiest thing is to eat in adequate quantities and without depriving yourself of any food.

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