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Famous blogger shows the uncomfortable reality behind the photos of ‘fitness’ models

Every day there are more models that are taking control of Instagram with their images where they show a life with which everyone dreams. But as they say, you should not believe in everything you see on the Internet and this blogger is willing to prove it.

Sarah Puhto, 20, has just revealed the secret behind all the photographs that fitness models share every day. With two simple images showing a before and after, Sara wants the world to know that Instagram simply is not real. Are you ready to know the truth?

Instagram is not always what we think

Blogger who wants to deny Instagram

Sarah is a blogger from Finland but is currently studying in South Africa. He often publishes parallel images where he pretends to remember that true beauty begins with self-love and not in pursuing perfection.

Reality vs. Instagram

Blogger who wants to deny Instagram

During an interview with the Today site, Sarah mentioned that when she started with this project, she felt vulnerable to show her body in a public space.

I was so nervous and was about to not publish it because I had no idea what kind of response I would receive. But now I do not get nervous at all because I tell myself that, as long as a person benefits from this publication, it will be worth it. I know how horrible it is to feel insecure and not appreciate what you see in the mirror.

The beauty industry strives to show our insecurities

Blogger who wants to deny Instagram

Although the photos were taken minutes apart, the proportions of the girl look completely different in each shot, just because the camera angles and posture can affect your appearance in an image.

If a year ago I had seen the photo on the left I would have thought negatively about my body, that all my training was a failure. But the reality is that all bodies are different. The body never looks the same from all angles.

Social networks lack honesty

Blogger who wants to deny Instagram

After all, most people always want to present the best version of themselves to the world, and bloggers of fitness are no exception and that Sarah knows.

It is understandable that fitness people publish their best photos because they want to show everyone the effort and work they use to achieve their goals. But the reality is that they are not honest with the rest of the people.

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