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Game of Thrones Director defends why Jon snow didn’t pet the Ghost

Note. This article contains spoilers for season 8 of the game of Throne, The Last of the stars.

In the latest installment of the game of Thrones in season 8, there was a crushing blow to Jon snow (Keith Harington), who neglected his favorite ghostly Ghost – and now we know why

John’s near future lies in the warmer lands of king’s landing, where Cersei Lannister and her armed forces await a battle, so naturally, the King in the North had to say goodbye to the Ghost.

Only it didn’t really unfold as you’d imagine, as John just stared at the Ghost for a minute, stared down and walked away, leaving many fans wondering why he didn’t even pet the Ghost at least.

Photo credit: HBO

Well, in a conversation with The Huffington Post UK, episode 4 Director David Nutter explained that there’s a reason for John’s strange behavior, and that’s a very technical reason.

“Since wild wolves are a kind of computer graphics creation, we felt it was best to keep it as simple as possible. And I think that in this way it turned out much more powerful,” he said.

“Keeping the Ghost out of the way, I thought it worked out better,” Nutter added, explaining that it gave John one last moment with Tormund and Jilly before he too had one last moment with the wolf.

“Then he just walks away himself, he turns to the Ghost and has this moment with the Ghost that I thought was very, very powerful.”

Photo credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

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