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Google is killing AdSense on Android and iOS this year for the Internet

AdSense makes it easy for publishers to advertise on their sites, and Google offers mobile apps to track views and revenue. Today, Google announced that it is killing Android and iOS customers, and the Internet is positioned as an upcoming alternative.

Blog Inside AdSense (via Android police ) today announced that “the current shutdown of IOS and Android applications.”This is despite “more than a third of [users] accessing AdSense from mobile devices.»

Google’s replacement is the Internet, and the company clearly notes that mobility will become “an area we continue to invest in.” The current website is likely to become a progressive web app that can be easily pinned to home screens and displayed in the app launcher on Android. ,

By investing in a common web application that supports all platforms, we can deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile devices much faster than today.

However, even after updating the content Theme this year, there is no mobile view for the web experience. This redesign has never appeared on Android and iOS, as more advanced account management and ad customization features have always been limited to the full site.

The AdSense team hints at a more interactive – and possibly proactive – service experience in the future:

Our vision is AdSense, which does more to maintain the health of your account, allowing you to focus on creating great content, and comes to you when problems or opportunities require your attention.

This shutdown of AdSense for Android and iOS will happen within the “next few months”. The exact date is not specified, but it looks like existing installations will stop working after they are removed from the app stores “by the end of 2019.

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