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Here’s a little secret about Donald trump’s plans for tomorrow

Donald Trump, according to President Donald Trump, will not be watching the testimony of former special adviser Robert Mueller on the judicial and intelligence committees of the House of Representatives on Wednesday. If he doesn’t.

“No, I’m not going to watch, maybe I’ll see a little bit about it,” Trump told reporters Monday in the oval office. “I’m not going to watch Mueller because you can’t take all those pieces out of Apple. We had no collusion, no obstacles.»

So he won’t look. Except maybe he’ll watch “a little.”

If you believe that, I have a print newspaper industry that might interest you. Nothing but good!
Look what we know about this President:
1) He long before, as singled out policy, was a drug addict cable television.
2) His habits of watching TV have not diminished in the office – as assistants cut out the “Executive time” designed for trump to look up and write about what he sees
3) He has long been fixated on Mueller and the broader special advocate study that has devoted hundreds of tweets over the past two years to discrediting investigators and their findings.
Just look at trump’s last few days. He remembered hearing about the upcoming Mueller. Here is one of them :
“Highly controversial Robert Mueller should not be given another bite for an Apple. In the end, it would be bad for him and the fake Democrats in Congress who were just wasting their time on this ridiculous witch hunt. The result of the Mueller report, NO COLLUSION, NO PROHIBITIONS! ”

“I saw Mueller testify tomorrow. How many times? Two and a half years! And in fact, it started almost from the time I went down the escalator.” Trump said
Ask yourself the question: do you spend a lot of time thinking or talking about things that you don’t really care about? Of course not! If trump was really not interested in Mueller’s testimony – and really planned not to watch – he wouldn’t have mentioned either Mueller or the hearing in the days leading up to it. Instead, he did the opposite.

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