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Imran Khan from Pakistan to meet with Trump on July 22

Us President Donald Trump will hold his first meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan this month when Washington and Islamabad hope to restore tense relations.

Khan will make his first official visit to Washington on July 22. It was not immediately clear how long his trip would last.

The white house said in a statement on July 10 that the Khan’s visit would focus on “strengthening cooperation between the United States and Pakistan to ensure peace, stability, and economic prosperity in a region with too many conflicts.”

The statement said that the leaders of the two countries “will discuss a number of issues, including the fight against terrorism, defense, energy, and trade, in order to create conditions for a peaceful South Asia and a lasting partnership between our two countries.”

The meeting took place when the trump administration is trying to reach a peace agreement with the Taliban to end the almost 18-year war in neighboring Afghanistan.

The United States and Afghanistan have repeatedly accused Pakistan of providing “safe havens” to the Taliban on its territory. As a result, Trump has reduced financial and military assistance to the country.

Islamabad rejects the accusation. Han argued with trump about Twitter last year on this issue.

Khan, a former cricket star, was elected Prime Minister in August.

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