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Imran Khan hopes to defeat Donald trump on his first visit to the US

He will meet Donald Trump on his first visit to Washington as prime minister of Pakistan, burdened with the task of trying to repair relationships mired in mutual distrust and the restoration of financial support made by the US President.

The US has suspended most of its military assistance in the amount of $ 300 million (240 million pounds) after trump accused Pakistan of insufficient efforts to combat extremism.

Khan is also trying to exclude his country from the sanctions list of the Financial action task force for not cooperating in the fight against money laundering, a list that some analysts estimate costs the Pakistani economy $ 10 billion.

The US also placed Pakistan on the watch list for failure to protect religious minorities.

Manoj Joshi from the Research Fund observers and research centre in Delhi, said: “[the Pakistani government] should return its relations with the United States in the right direction. The US has stopped military aid to Pakistan, so they would like to restore it, and then, of course, they would like the pressure of the financial action Task force to ease – this is very important, because if it does not weaken, then their entire economic situation is at risk.”

When they meet on Monday, Trump and Khan will first have to overcome mutual hostility on social media. The American leader called Pakistan “just one of the many countries that take from the US, giving nothing in return.”

Khan responded on Twitter: “instead of turning Pakistan into a scapegoat for their failures, EE. UU. You should make a serious assessment of why, despite 140000 NATO troops more than 250,000 afghan troops and, reportedly, they spent $ 1 trillion on the war in Afghanistan, the taliban are stronger today than they were before.”

In Washington, where Khan came on the weekend, you can expect that the prime minister of pakistan to highlight the support of Islamabad to the conversations of the united States with the taliban, and point to the arrest of Hafiz Saeed , the founder of the terrorist group behind the attacks of 2008 in Mumbai, as evidence of good faith in the fight against extremism, while seeking relief from the relentless economic pressure from Washington.

“it is a big coincidence that he is arrested at a time when Pakistan’s case in the Financial Action Task Force is coming, and when Pakistan’s prime minister is making an important visit to Washington DC.” Joshi said

American officials reacted with skepticism to said’s arrest, noting that he had been arrested seven times since 2001, when it was politically consistent with Islamabad. “That’s why we, again, have very clear eyes when we see him arrested,” the American official said. “He was released – arrested and released in the past.”

The Khan’s shoulder will be limited, but Pakistan’s goodwill is needed if concessions are squeezed out of the Taliban. He can also play on the us fears that his country is getting deeper into China’s sphere of influence.

“The purpose of the visit is to seek specific cooperation from Pakistan to advance the peace process in Afghanistan and encourage Pakistan to deepen and continue its recent efforts to suppress militants and terrorists in its territory,” said a senior representative of the us administration.
“We also want to convey to Pakistan that the door is open to re-establish relations and build a strong partnership if Pakistan changes its policy towards terrorists and militants.”

Noting the power of Pakistan’s military and the fact that the head of the country’s Army, Qamar Javed Bajwa, accompanied Khan on his journey.

“Obviously, Afghanistan will be at the top of the agenda. Pakistan’s visiting team, with Army Chief Bajwa in attendance, understands that it would have to cooperate with Washington to ensure an uneventful withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The “Trump team” must keep its promise of any opportunity in the upcoming presidential elections in 2020. “This is certainly the basic need for Americans to restart foreign military funds for Pakistan.” She said ;

In recent years, as relations between Pakistan and the US have gone from bad to worse, the Pakistani establishment has widely believed that the country should be less dependent on the US, as China’s importance in the region is growing.

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