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Iran rejects trump’s proposal to negotiate if the US does not show “respect

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said his country would not negotiate with President Donald trump unless the US shows Tehran “respect” for fulfilling its obligations under the controversial nuclear deal.

In an exclusive interview, Zarif warned that the US is “playing a very, very dangerous game”, strengthening its military presence in the region.

Zarif criticized the United States for sending a strike group of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and a special group of bombers to the Persian Gulf. “The presence of all this military equipment in a small area in itself is subject to accidents,” said Zarif. “Extreme caution is required and the United States is playing a very, very dangerous game.”

He accused Washington of being the first to come up with a Joint comprehensive action plan, or JCPOA, a 2015 agreement aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear potential in exchange for 1lifting sanctions.
Zarif said a deal that was signed by the US, Iran, the UK, China, France, Germany, and Russia. “We don’t want to talk to people who have broken their promises.”

Earlier this month, Trump said Iran should “call me.” But on Sunday, the President tightened his rhetoric.

Trump said on Twitter.

Iran will not cave in the threat, Zarif said. “Iran will never negotiate with coercion. You cannot threaten any Iranian and expect him to come into conflict. The way to do this is respect, not threats.”

Zarif said that “there will be painful consequences if there is an escalation.” But he also added that Iran “is not interested in escalation.”Instead, he called for an immediate end to the “economic war” that the US is waging against Iran, saying that the sanctions “deprive citizens of their livelihoods.”

“All we want to do is sell our oil,” Zarif said, adding that the US is “just a bully preventing people from buying our oil.”
According to him, the US sanctions, which severely hit the Iranian economy, are “tantamount to terrorism” for the citizens of the country.
The USA “left the negotiating table»

Iran has announced that it will partially withdraw from the agreement on the anniversary of our withdrawal from the agreement. He left the remaining parties to the agreement signed before 7 July to ease restrictions on Iran’s severely affected banking and oil sectors or face an unspecified retaliation.

European signatories are in a delicate position – either to side with the trump administration and abandon the agreement or to keep the Treaty, yielding to Iranian calls to ease restrictions, despite the threat of us sanctions.

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