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Kylie Jenner boasts the collection of shoes for 22 thousand dollars of her baby Stormi

After assimilating the idea that Kylie Jenner will be the youngest billionaire in history, many women of her age or even older were impressed by the power and influence that dominates the Kardashian-Jenner clan. As if that were not enough, an innocent (not to call “presumed”) story of Kylie on Snapchat revealed the collection of shoes that your baby, Stormi, has in his closet and is not cheap.

Pingo shoes that every baby used to learn to walk are nothing. No, the daughter of the future billionaire has a collection of luxury footwear and we only have one thing: a lot of envy!

Stormi still does not walk and her shoe box is worth 22 thousand dollars

baby shoes with glitter

It’s crazy! Between Kylie and Travis have collected the smallest, cute and expensive tennis you can imagine, everything so that little Stormi never goes out of fashion.

Stormi can finally use some of her tennis shoes. So, I’m about to see if he also likes shoes. This is too cute, says Kylie1

The MailOnline page reported that the baby’s shoes have an approximate value of 22 thousand dollars, and among those pairs, there are some luxuries like the thousand dollars of Giuseppe Zanotti (those in the image), other Gucci of 275 dollars and some Nike Air Force 1, of 20 dollars. Pretty affordable prices for an entrepreneur and multi-millionaire mom, do not you think?

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