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Maduro announces an “immediate investment” in Huawei

The embattled president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Thursday that he will make an immediate investment in Huawei, the Chinese technology giant that now faces problems due to US sanctions.

“I have ordered an immediate investment with our Chinese brothers and technology from China, Huawei technology, ZTE, and all Chinese companies and all Russian companies for us to increase telecommunications capabilities and make Venezuela valid in the 4G system at the national level, “Maduro said at the FANB Innova1tion, Science and Technology Fair.

The United States last week restricted Huawei’s access to US technology.

The inclusion of Huawei in an export blacklist means that the Chinese company can no longer purchase programs or components from US suppliers. without a license. Existing1devices are not affected, but the restrictions threaten Huawei’s future products and its leadership position in the construction of next-generation superfast 5G networks.

Maduro said he would make the investment so that Venezuela had “a 4G network of rapid communication on the internet and data.” Currently, in Venezuela, communications via cell phone or internet are a challenge and suffer usual cuts and blockages.

In the first months of 2019, limited mobile connectivity has been reported on several occasions. In January, the NGO NetBlocks Group, an Internet observatory, detected Internet interruptions in Venezuela that affect YouTube, Google Search and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. In April, during the massive blackouts, Netblocks reported that Venezuela’s connectivity dropped to 10%.

Maduro retains the support of Beijing, which has repeatedly opposed any action that causes tensions or riots in Venezuela. The Maduro government owes vast sums to China. In the last decade, Beijing has lent more than 50 billion dollars to the oil-rich nation through oil deals per loan, according to Reuters.

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