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People who publish their exercise routines could have mental problems: study

Being fit and healthy, rather than a lifestyle, has become a fashion among young people and it invades social networks. Surely you know someone who takes pictures in the gym or doing some exercise routine and shares pictures showing the results of their effort.

It has happened to all of them, even to you, and it is not bad if they are one or two; It can serve as motivation for others. The alarming thing is when it is done constantly. So we are already talking about a problem, according to some studies.

Psychological problems

Young couple taking pictures in the gym

The Brunel University in London conducted an investigation in which it is about discovering why people share, almost in a natural way, selfies during their training. If you’re the kind of girl who feels that if she does not share a picture of her routine she did not go to the gym, I’m afraid to tell you that you have a problem.

It analyzed 555 Facebook users who seemed to have a common trait established in the Big Five: “narcissists published more frequently about their achievements, which is motivated by their need for attention and validation of the community,” said Tara Marshall to the Business Insider, leader of the work.

Likes to follow

Young athlete woman taking selfie in front of the mirror

Those people who receive support in the form of likes might feel better when they see that they are part of the great social mass.

In other words, presuming achievements for others to recognize is reflected as narcissism: a psychological problem. However, everyone is free to post what is in their hands on social networks.

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