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Plastic straws, agitators and cotton swabs will be banned in England

Michael Gove confirmed the ban on the supply of articles after a consultation revealed “overwhelming” public support.

Michael Gove is taking action against plastic contamination by banning plastic straws, agitators and cotton swabs in England from next spring.

The secretary of the Environment confirmed the ban on the supply of goods from April 2020, after a consultation revealed “overwhelming” support from the public.

It is believed that around 4.7 billion plastic straws, 316 million plastic agitators, and 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton batons are used in England each year.

After the ban, food and drink establishments will not be able to show plastic straws or provide them to customers.

The only exceptions include those who need to use plastic straws for medical reasons or disability may buy them in registered pharmacies or order them in restaurants, bars and bars, and the use of plastic cotton swabs for medical and scientific purposes.

“It is Necessary to take urgent and decisive measures to deal with pollution of plastics and environmental protection.

“These items are often used only for a few minutes, but take hundreds of years to decompose, ending up in our seas and oceans and damaging precious marine life.

“So today I am taking steps to change the course of plastic pollution, and to ensure that we leave our environment in a better state for future generations.”

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The government’s response to the consultation, published Wednesday, reveals that more than 80% of respondents support the ban on the distribution and sale of plastic straws.

In addition, 90 percent supported the ban on beverage agitators and 89 percent supported the ban on cotton swabs.

It is hoped that millions of pounds can be saved annually in the cleaning efforts of used plastics.

Each year, approximately 150 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans, while a million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals die from eating and getting entangled in plastic waste.

The latest measures follow the sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign, which encourages people to reduce their use of single-use plastics.

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