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Police stop the man who rides a naked scooter because he was “too hot”

People often say there’s a sense of freedom that comes with hitting the road on their scooter, but have you ever tried hitting the bollock road naked on your scooter?

Now that there’s a great sense of freedom until the police inevitably stop you and ask what the hell you’re doing, that is.

Officers in Märkisch-Oderland, in the eastern part of Brandenburg, Germany, asked this question to a naked guy on a motorcycle on Tuesday, and the guy quickly explained to him that it was too hot.

To be fair to the boy, it was definitely too hot. Yesterday, German meteorologists announced that the June 1947 temperature record in the country had been broken in Coschen, where peaks of 38.6 C were recorded … And I think we can all agree that the weather is overwhelming.

Besides, the boy wasn’t completely naked; that would be silly, after all. He made sure to put on some shoes, to make sure he had a good grip on the pedals and a helmet to protect his head in case he fell. Even if he had an accident, emergency services will probably wonder how the hell he managed to lose his clothes between his head and his feet in the accident.

However, in general, you can’t help but feel that the guy might have slipped into at least a few intimate garments or a pair of shorts. Only that small piece of cloth would not have a too big impact on its temperature and would prevent other drivers from being distracted by its “wind sleeve.”

Fortunately for the guy, the police seemed to see the fun side and shared photos of the man on Twitter, inviting people to participate in a subtitle competition.

They also let the man continue his journey once he had whipped some kecks. However, it is not clear where these kicks came from. Did the man have anything on him, which had previously been whipped because he was too hot? Or is it that the German police wear spare pants during heat waves, in case the scooters feel compelled to throw away their own?

Interestingly, however, the police said the man had not committed a crime.

“Even if being naked or driving naked is not illegal, people can be charged with an administrative offense if people are disturbed by the nakedness of a person.”
They said.

So, basically, it comes down to whether the general public considers their minutiae to be disturbing or not.

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