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Representatives of South Korea say that in North Korea shoot a short-range missiles

Representatives of South Korea say that in North Korea shoot melee shells
North Korea’s test-fired several short-range shells Saturday morning from the country’s eastern coast, according to South Korean officials.

According to officials, the shells flew 70 to 200 kilometers (43 to 125 miles) before crashing into the sea, adding that the South Korean and US authorities are analyzing the details to gather more information. The launching took place about 9:06 a.m. (8:06 p.m. Eastern time on Friday).
If confirmed, this test will be the first missile launch from North Korea since the end of 2017 – and the first after us President Donald Trump began to meet with the country’s leader Kim Jong-un.
This move could lead to an escalation of tensions with the United States two months after trump left the second summit between the two leaders.
“Our military has now stepped up surveillance and vigilance to prepare for North Korea’s additional launches,” the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea said in a statement.
In the previous statement of the Ministry of defense of South Korea stated that was released by “rocket”.

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An American official with knowledge of the initial assessment says that North Korea has made repeated attacks in the East. Intelligence analysts are still sifting through the data to determine if shells, missiles, or both were fired. South Korea has previously stated that the term “projectiles” may include ballistic missiles, missiles or the use of a multi-missile launcher.
In a statement, white house spokesman Sarah Sanders said: “We know about North Korea’s actions tonight. We will continue to monitor as necessary.”
The Ministry of defense of Japan stated that there is no evidence that the shells landed in its territorial waters.

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