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Sleeping and losing weight at the same time is possible; Put on your pajamas and your ideal weight arrives!

How about there being an effective method to lose weight, that was free and did not require diet or exercise? Well, it does exist. All you need is to sleep for eight hours in a row without interruptions. Although popularly believed that the more hours you sleep less calories are spent and more fat accumulates, the reality is completely different.

Your body works while you rest and if you have good habits you could get rid of a few kilos overnight. Obviously, this is not an act of magic, but it can be achieved with five simple steps.

1. Do not dine too much


If you want to lose weight while you sleep but have a hamburger, tacos or high-fat foods, you will not achieve it. The strong dish should always be in the afternoon and the dinner should be light. When your stomach is too full during the night, the digestion process will be more difficult. A suitable dinner could be based on a salad without dressing, fruit, yogurt or cereals.

2. Do not eat late either

It is advisable to dine one to two hours before bedtime. This way you will give your stomach time to digest the food, you will avoid refluxes and stomach discomforts.

3. Avoid distractions

Get away from your cell phone and television before going to sleep. Devoting time to online conversations or your favorite series could cause insomnia. If you want to sleep and lose weight at the same time, the main thing is that you sleep eight hours a day without any type of distraction, this increases the production of growth hormones whose function is to eliminate the fat you do not need.

4. Take infusions

They are relaxing and help you sleep. The best infusions to lose weight when sleeping are mint, lavender, chamomile, and mint.

5. A little activity

You do not need to change your physical activity habits or enroll in a gym, you can take walks or some stretching just to make your body feel more relaxed at the time of sleep

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