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Suspended bets on Meghan’s real baby as speculation grows

British bookmakers are suspending bets on the date of the birthday of the real baby, the son of the Duchess of Sussex, amid speculation that the child has already been born.

Paddy Power and Coral suspended bets after several clients placed money on dates that had already passed. Both also noticed an increase in bets on the fact that it was a girl named Ivy.

“These people are clearly talking to someone, who is talking to someone else,” Lee Price, head of public relations at Paddy Power.

What passport will the royal baby of Prince Henry and Meghan have?

He added that customers have often led the way when it comes to Enrique and Meghan’s ads, remembering that the bookers had correctly guessed the couple’s engagement date before Clarence House announced it.

Ivy is now the favorite name of several bookmakers for the baby’s name, and some even offer odds in the election. They are followed by Alice, Diana, Victoria, and Elizabeth since the gamblers appear determined that the child will be a girl.

“We have suspended all of our markets other than the baby’s name, where Ivy is currently the favorite of low prices on the back of a wave of bets in the last 48 hours.

Arthur, James, and Alexander are the best options for a child.


“We have suspended bets on the date of birth last Friday because we were seeing an abnormal number of large bets on that day as the date of birth,” Hill added, referring to Friday, May 3, the day Prince Harry changed abruptly. your travel plans for an upcoming trip to the Netherlands.

That coincidence could suggest that the increase in bets came from bettors instead of experts with particular knowledge on the subject. Actual observers have been anticipating the announcement of a real baby for some time, with exactly of the United States to give birth any day.

But the details have been few and far between since the royal couple previously announced that they would keep the details related to the birth in private.

That has fueled speculation that Meghan could give birth at home, without informing the media during the following days.

When he arrives, the boy will be the seventh in the row of the British throne.

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