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The Avengers: the Endgame comes out again next weekend with new footage

The Avengers: the original cut of Endgame lasted three hours when it was first released in theaters, but two months later it’s back, and this time even more action to sink your teeth into.

The long-awaited Marvel movie became the long-awaited sequel to Avengers: Infinity War and fans said they were among the first to see what happened. Endgame blew the previous record box office weekend out of the water, earning over the days 357.1 million dollars. after its release.

The film had a staggering success: it received a lot of good reviews and 94% points for “Rotten tomatoes”, but despite the fact that they were absolutely active, obviously, the creators still hid some things from the fans.

Thanos and his Infinity Gaunntler

I guess they had to draw the line somewhere, especially after the movie passed the three-hour mark!

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke about the unprecedented footage in a recent press release for “Spider-Man: away from home”, the upcoming film, which is to complete the third phase of the MCU.

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According to the “Book of comics”, the Feige confirmed that “The Avengers”: “Endgame” returns to the big screen for a theatrical reissue, augmented with additional personnel that was not included in the original.

The best news is that instead of waiting months or even a year for new Marvel material, the film will be released “next weekend.”

Speaking of returning to Endgame, the President of Marvel Studios said.

In an interview with Screen Rant at the same event, Feige shared a few more details about the reissue, explaining that the new footage would look, truly Marvel, like a scene after the credits.

He said:

[It’s] not an extended excerpt, but there will be a version in theaters with a little marketing push and a few new things at the end of the movie. If you stay and watch the movie, after the credits, there will be a deleted scene, a small tribute and a few surprises. Which is next weekend?

Screen Rant reports that the film will be released on June 28, which is no doubt a strategic move from Marvel, as it’s just a few days before Spider-Man: Far From Home shows up in theaters on July 2.

Since Far From Home takes place right after the Endgame events, the reissue will be the perfect way for fans to make sure they are fully aware and ready to hear what happens next – although of course it also means experiencing some of the Emotional scenes presented in the Endless Saga.

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Hopefully, the new parts won’t be a tragedy anymore; Tony stark’s Story is heartbreaking enough. I don’t think the fans could have done more.

Presumably, invisible footage won’t change the overall story of Endgame, but fans will certainly be interested to see what the authors have decided to leave aside!

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