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The “blacklist” trump sees that Google restricts the use of Android by Huawei

Google banned the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Huawei, some updates to the Android operating system, striking a blow to the Chinese company.

New designs of Huawei smartphones are deprived of access to some Google applications.

This happened after the trump administration added Huawei to the list of companies with which American firms cannot trade if they do not have a license.

Google said that it was “the maintenance of order and consideration of the consequences.”

Huawei declined to comment.

What does this mean for Huawei users?

Existing users of Huawei smartphones will be able to update applications and make security fixes, as well as update Google Play services.

But when Google releases the next version of Android later this year, it may not be available on Huawei devices.

Future Huawei devices may no longer have apps like YouTube and Maps.

Huawei can still use the version of the Android operating system available under an open source license.

Ben wood of CCS Insight, a consulting firm, said Google’s move would be “of great importance to Huawei’s consumer business.”

What can Huawei do with this?

Last Wednesday, the trump administration added Huawei to its “list of organizations,” which prohibits companies from acquiring technology from U.S. companies without government approval.

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In his first comments after the firm was included on the list, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei told Japanese media on Saturday, “We were already preparing for this.”

He said that the firm, which, according to the business newspaper Nikkei, every year buys components worth about 67 billion Dollars. The US $ 52.6 billion (£52.6 billion) will seek to develop its own components.

Huawei is facing a growing backlash from Western countries led by the US about the possible risks associated with the use of its products in the next generation 5G mobile networks.

Several countries have expressed concern about the fact that Huawei equipment can be used by China for surveillance, the company’s accusations are categorically denied.

Huawei stated that its work poses no threats and that it is independent of the Chinese government.

However, in some countries, telecommunications companies may not be able to use Huawei products on 5G mobile networks.

So far, the UK has refrained from any official ban.

“Huawei is working hard to create its own gallery of applications and other software assets, similar to working on solutions on chipsets. There is no doubt that these efforts are part of her desire to control her destiny,” said Mr. Wood.

Short-term damage for Huawei?

Leo Kelion, BBC Technology Desk editor

In the short term, this could be very disruptive for Huawei in the West.

Smartphone buyers wouldn’t want an Android phone that didn’t have access to the Google Play Store, its virtual assistant, or security updates, assuming they’re among the services that will be available.

However, in the longer term, this could give smartphone providers a reason to seriously consider the need for a viable alternative to Google’s operating system, especially at a time when the search giant is trying to impose its own pixel brand at their expense.

As for Huawei, it looks like it has prepared for being cut off from American know-how.

His smartphones are already running on their own patented processors, and earlier this year, the head of consumer devices told the German newspaper, Die Welt, that “we have prepared our own operating systems – this is our plan B”.

However, the move could knock down his drive to overtake Samsung and become the best-selling smartphone brand in 2020.

What about the American-Chinese trade war?

The last step vs Huawei notes the escalation of tension in the relations between the firm and the United States.

The company faces nearly two dozen criminal charges brought by US authorities. Washington is also seeking the extradition of the head of the Huawei man Wangzhou from Canada, where she was arrested in December on behalf of us officials.

This is happening as trade tensions between the US and China increase.

Over the past year, the two largest economies of the world have been involved in a fierce trade battle, as a result of which tariffs for each other’s goods are estimated at billions of dollars.

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Earlier this month, Washington more than doubled tariffs on Chinese goods by $ 200 billion, which prompted Beijing to take retaliatory measures by raising tariffs on our goods.

This move surprised some – and shocked world markets – as the situation seemed to be nearing completion.

Over the past year, the trade war between the US and China has affected the global economy and created uncertainty for businesses and consumers.

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