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The boys with green eyes are the MOST attractive; Science confirms it!

The look of a boy is the first thing we pay attention to when we interact with him for the first time. At that time we look at the color of their eyes, and sometimes we fall in love.

Now that if the boy has green eyes, will cause great attraction in us or, at least, that’s what science says. In addition, the eyes of that tone are not pure aesthetics, because they also fascinate in other aspects, and only 2 percent of the population has them.

The boys with green eyes are the most attractive

The green eyes are the most extravagant hue there is, and they are also the most attractive feature of any boy.

According to a study published by the Impulse Corporation of Los Angeles, green eyes are the only ones capable of changing color depending on the climate and mood of the person, as they turn blue or gray, green as the grass or acquire a walnut coffee tone

His look is the most desired and magical on the planet

The analysis also revealed that most people would like to change their eye color and chose green as their favorite pigment.

Everything indicates that they have European features

The research also found that the first time green eyes came to the world was in Europe. In fact more than half of the population with green eyes lives in this continent.

Finding them is like winning the lottery

In addition, scientists said that only 2 percent of the world’s population has this eye tone, compared to 50 percent who have brown eyes. Now scientists continue to study the origin of differentiating tones such as the blues, grays and greens that so much seduce us.

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