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The brides of bearded men eat up to 5 thousand hairs a month

Thanks to the trends in networks and hipster fashion, a couple of years ago men with beards and tattoos became the prototype of “ideal boy”. The obsession to find the man with the longest and perfect beard seemed almost a sport, and sure you also fought with some friend to decide which bar was sexier, if yours or hers.

Although this type of man is usually irresistible to us, news changed our perception about having or not a boyfriend with a beard, and that is that a study revealed that on average we eat around five thousand hairs a month … Yes, all for having a Bearded boyfriend!

An involuntary feast and full of hairs

The study, conducted by the University of Michigan, revealed that a girl with a hipster and long-bearded boyfriend is exposed to an average of five thousand hairs a month. And is that between kissing and involuntarily kissing the facial hair ends within every woman who enjoys a good session of cuddles with her boyfriend.

The scientists in charge confessed to feeling a bit of shame when having to release this information, however, sharing their conclusions is something they are forced to do.

Is it a good time to give a rake to your boyfriend?

Or maybe just ask him to be as clean as possible with his beard, because canceling kissing sessions will definitely not be an option.

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