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The trailer of the movie “cats” is much weirder than many expected

The new trailer for Tom Hooper’s movie “Cats” couldn’t be worse than an online reaction if the cast walked into the audience’s homes and threw twitching, half-eaten birds at their feet. In all social networks, people complain about inconsistencies (do cats walk on two legs or four? Do they wear clothes or not?), but the main problem is that Taylor swift, Judy Dench, James Corden, Idris Elba and the Rest of the actors were involved. Instead of wearing costumes, they were covered in CGI fur, and so they’re not quite human, but not quite feline, not quite physical, but not quite animated. People hoped that this Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber would be cunning, adapted from the book of practical cats by T. S. Eliot “Old possum”.

But let’s not get carried away. When the first picture of CGI Paddington was shown, Twitterati compared it to the Ghost of serial murder from a horror movie, and it became one of the most beloved heroes of the movie of the last decade. However, it is less likely that Cats will be able to get out of the trays garbage by critics. And none of those who were allergic to cats saw the disturbing trailer and rushed to book a ticket. But it would be a shame if the film was shunned just because it was weirder than expected.

In fact, if Cats was directed by Tim Burton, not Tom Hooper, the experts could reassure him how this is a nightmare, not to moan. And it’s definitely felt in the Barton spirit of the Elbe, hiding the neon on the roof, such as Batman, to the swift returning memories of Cat Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. Isn’t it a bit sad that such visuals should be condemned because they’re not common enough? And isn’t it silly to argue that a film about singing four-legged does not look quite logical? So what if they wear fur coats? It’s not a documentary.

For all the calls he gets, the most frustrating aspect of the trailer isn’t that Hooper changed Cats from typical stage production to something more cinematic, but he didn’t change it even more. Yes, the characters could have crawled out of the Avatar’s alien jungle, but the world they roam seems to be built from the scenery. There is a cobbled street, a dining room, a bedroom, a cafe, but not only would a decent scenery designer not be able to Shoe in a theater, and nothing more strange or surprising than the cats themselves. Perhaps the film will allow its actors to roam the wider and Wilder world: Trafalgar Square in London has one shot, so it’s not impossible. But the trailer suggests that Cats will have weird-looking characters in a familiar theatrical setting, and that’s ‘

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