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They announce the return of ‘Twilight’ 10 years after its premiere

The great love story between vampires has already reached 10 years and to celebrate is planned to carry out a tour in which, with the help of musicians, perform the original soundtrack of the film while the five films are screened.

Although the fans expected something more, as the continuation of them, it is planned to impact with a live concert around the world.

Bella Swan and Edward Culen with faces close

Producer Lionsgate reported that the love story between vampires and wolves, written by Stephanie Meyer, is being adapted to be presented with a live musical event.

In this way, the world of Twilight will still be present in some way. The tour begins in Brazil in August, Australia and Great Britain also participate, but dates are not yet available.

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen with their daughter Renesme posing before the camera

He had already made an exhibition of films in the cinema when he was 10 years old; Cinépolis reproduced the tapes once again in 50 cinemas in 28 cities of the country, on November 27 and 28.

Likewise, on November 27 it was screened in El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala; On the 28th, Honduras and Peru, reaching the final date on December 6 in Argentina.

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