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They leave everything to know the world: their home and transport is an old school bus

The story of Marcos and Mili will inspire you to take risks and live traveling. The couple decided to travel by road through North and South America, from California to their native country, Argentina. His odyssey began three days after his wedding. They bought a school bus and turned it into a mobile department. A week later they were already on the road.

Along the way, both have accumulated various adventures and, of course, a large number of followers on Instagram, where they document their trips.

Mili and Marcos have been together for more than 10 years

Both were born in Argentina and met in high school when they were 14 years old. They became good friends, but before finishing high school they revealed their true feelings.

Later they contracted nuptials and have become a very close couple.

Your vacation before the wedding strengthened your love

Our traveling history began in 2015 when we went to Manly, a suburb of Sydney, with a work visa; there we had the opportunity not only to live and work in one of the best countries in the world but to make thousands of friends and save to travel three months through Asia in one van.

They decided to leave everything to travel

We went to several islands in the south of Thailand, then to surf to Sri Lanka, and from there to India. When we ran out of money we returned to Australia with a transit visa, we grabbed our bags, we said goodbye to the thousands of friends we made and on April 6, 2016, we returned home. The six months of travel had become 14. It had ignited in our hearts a flame, had born in us a great passion: TRAVEL.

A school bus became his home

After their trip ended, they decided that their next adventure would be through North and South America, and they started saving money to make it happen.

And the adventures began …

Three days after their wedding, and while on their honeymoon in California, they found a school bus that a couple had already adapted as a mobile department, in which they would begin their adventure.

His lifestyle changed completely

When Mili and Marcos finished adapting the truck to their needs, they officially moved and hit the road. Your bus has all the basic services of a house: a bed, full bathroom, refrigerator, toilet, even a small room.

They will not stop until they know the whole world

Now the adventurous couple has more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram, and have already known countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Italy and, of course, Argentina. However, they hope to have the opportunity to travel the entire world.

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