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This girl wants to know the 196 countries of the world, and everything indicates that she will do it!

There are people who refuse to die without knowing every corner of this world. However, it is not always easy to travel to adventure, especially when you are a woman and you are ” alone”, not having the male company to take care of your trip. For Cassandra DePecol, 27, nothing of the previous has represented an obstacle to living the adventure.

DePecol left Connecticut, the United States, to fulfill her dream of traveling alone and visiting all the countries that she marked on a world map during her adolescence. Up to now it has 196 countries traveled and is about to break a world record! Know its history and find inspiration to launch yourself into the adventure of traveling.

Cassie is about to know the world completely

The girl was looking for new adventures and exploring different cultures, religions, and stories of tradition, so in July 2015, at 25, she took a suitcase and began traveling in 180 countries in a span of 15 months.

To date, Cassie has flown 254 times by plane and dreams of breaking a world record by being the first person to visit all 196 countries in the world. For this, he only has 45 days left before finishing his trip and it is estimated that at this moment he is visiting the island of Cuba.

Although it was difficult, he got sponsors

The total cost of travel so far is around 198 thousand dollars, and most of the money was raised thanks to ecological hotels that became investors by sponsoring their trip in exchange for the publicity that the young woman shares in her Instagram account.

He also acquired obligations during his voyage

When starting to travel the world, Cassie soon became an ambassador of peace and acquired more than one obligation during her expeditions. One of his tasks is to visit students and tourism universities in different countries to share ideas and concerns.

He has also been forced to take water from every city he visits, for a group of scientists who study microplastics in liquids.

“People usually ask me how I dedicate myself to promoting world peace through my travels, and the answers are many. One of the ways is to promote my foundation, which is the foundation of my entire trip. Another way is thanks to my entry to different countries and the people I know there; Many times they are leaders of organizations. Finally, the message is clear to be a woman who travels alone and seeks to explore, that is my greatest purpose and I want to be an example for other women around the world.

Would you dare to live an adventure like that?

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