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This puppy with braces is falling in love with all Internet

Molly Moore is a young woman from Spring Lake, Michigan, who loves animals as much as she loves her own life; but about anything in this world, he loves his dog, Wesley. They can spend hours together in the parks, the streets or at home, in fact, the place does not matter.

This golden retriever was born totally healthy and even developed perfectly until a small problem appeared when he was still a puppy; his teeth began to croak. This problem did not allow him to close his jaw, he almost did not eat and he did not even play as before, so something had to be done about it.

dog with brackets

Let’s do it!

They put braces on a dog

Molly works at Harborfront Hospital For Animals her dad’s veterinary clinic, Jim Moore. Together they looked for a solution for Wesley’s teeth; It was urgent because the puppy had to feed correctly.

“Once his definitive teeth began to grow, we realized that they were crooked and was not able to fully close the snout.”

Wesley is the best patient

orthodontics of dogs

During orthodontics he was calm. There was no need to fear since Molly’s father is a specialist in the canine dental area.

Now it looks different

Wesley with bracekts

Yes, it is definitely strange to see a dog with dental braces, but your veterinarian says that this will have positive effects and even work in short periods of time, contrary to the case of humans.

Orthodontics is not practiced for an aesthetic reason in animals, it is exclusive for cases in which an animal feels pain, has problems or some dysfunction.

“Many people do not understand that Wesley uses braces for a medical reason in the background.”

Soon it will be a magazine dog

Wesley dog ​​coon brackets

Everything is going as expected and Wesley will soon have a new smile. As a curious fact, Molly also used braces for several years. Coincidence?

“People find that Wesley looks adorable with his new orthodontic appliances.”

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