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Trump orders of the new authority for supervision of the Attorney General

Us President Donald Trump ordered us intelligence agencies to cooperate with the investigation of whom he was spying on during the 2016 elections.

The probe, led by Attorney General William Barr, examines the origins of the Russian investigation.

This has long been requested by Mr. Trump, who often calls the investigation into Russian interference a “witch hunt.”

On Thursday, he announced a Directive that gave Mr. Barr new powers, including declassifying documents.

Mr. Barr has already been subjected to careful analysis and criticism by the Democrats, who have accused him of acting on behalf of the President and not in the national interest.

A new investigation?

The President has repeatedly stated that his campaign was followed, and accused the security services of abuse of power.

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He also said that it could be “treason”, and offered to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In April, the Attorney General told Congress that “espionage did take place” in Trump’s campaign, and said he wanted to ensure the legality of any intelligence gathering.

Earlier this month, Mr. Barr appointed a Federal Prosecutor to investigate the origins of the Russian investigation. Mr. Trump has denied Mr. Barr’s request to do so.

The Thursday Memorandum instructs the head of special services to “promptly provide” information to Barr upon his request.

“Today’s actions will help ensure that all Americans know the truth about the events that occurred and the actions that were taken during the last presidential election, and restore confidence in our state institutions,” said press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

What did the Russian investigation find?

Almost two years later, an edited version of the report, compiled by special adviser Robert Mueller, was released in April.

The report concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election “in a radical and systematic way,” but did not find that there was a criminal conspiracy between them and the Trump campaign.

However, he detailed 10 cases where Mr. Trump may have tried to obstruct the investigation.

After the report was released, Mr. Barr was accused of misrepresenting his findings in a previously published summary.

Since then, he has not appeared before the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives and has been convicted for not providing them with an unedited version of the report.

Mr. Mueller himself said that he was “disappointed” with Mr. Barr’s summary, saying that there was no context.

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