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Trump warns Iran “never threaten America again”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, on Sunday raised its rhetoric toward Tehran and warned that a fight with the United States “would be the official end of Iran.”

The tweet comes amid growing fears about a possible military confrontation between the two countries. Officials in Washington are debating recent information about whether Iran or the militias it supports plan to attack US assets.

But, in an interview with Fox News that aired on Sunday night, Trump took on a seemingly more subtle tone.

“I just do not want them to have nuclear weapons and they can not threaten us. And with everything that’s happening, and I’m not someone who believes … you know, I’m not someone who wants to go to war, because war damages economies, war kills people, most importantly, and much more important, “he said.

“I do not want to fight. But you have situations like Iran, you can not let them have nuclear weapons, you just can not let that happen, “he said.

The Trump government has tried to use a combination of harsh rhetoric, diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions and now a military stance to fundamentally change the nature of the Iranian regime.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech last year that Washington’s actions, including the abandonment of the nuclear agreement with Tehran, were intended to force Iran to behave like a “normal” country, one that does not sponsor terrorism or tries to develop nuclear weapons. But many saw the speech as a call to change everything but the name.

Barbara Starr reported on Friday that the United States claims to have images of commercial Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf that it believes carry missiles and other weapons, according to a United States official with knowledge of the situation. The US government has not provided evidence that the ships carry hidden missiles and other weapons.

Several officials have claimed that the recent missile movements of Iranian ships do not reflect the typical pattern of missile transport outside the Persian Gulf to Iranian-backed forces in Yemen. That unusual movement was part of the US assessment of Iranian threats.

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