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What does immigration mean “merit-based” and why does trump keep saying he wants it in the United States

Donald Trump, President of the United States, called for a “major update” of us immigration system on Thursday, announcing a plan to expand immigration ” on a merit-based basis.”

Here’s an overview of what it means and why it continues to appear on the agenda.

Immigration ‘based on merit’ means using the skills of individuals to decide if they should be allowed to emigrate

Senior Advisor Jared Kushner is behind this latest initiative, which emerged after months of conversations between Kushner and dozens of conservative groups. A key idea behind this, said Trump in his speech, would be to attract “the best and brightest in the world” to migrate to the United States.

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The plan, which faces a difficult struggle for consensus even among its own members of the Republican party, calls for replacing the old family immigration rules with a system that favors highly skilled and financially self-sufficient immigrants who study English and pass the civil education exam.

Trump says the plan will use a points system

The President says his plan will use “an accurate, user-friendly system of choice” to determine eligibility.

“You will get more points for becoming a younger employee, which means that you will make a greater contribution to our social protection system. “You’ll get more points for having a valuable skill, job offer, skill development, or job creation plan,” Donald Trump said.

According to Trump, his plan will not change the total number of green cards that are offered annually but will increase the share allocated to skilled workers.

“We want immigrants to come in. We appreciate the open door that we want to create for our country, ” he said. “But a significant portion of these immigrants must enter through merit and skills.”

Countries such as Australia and Canada have skill-based systems

Australia and Canada use score-based systems to determine whether someone is eligible to enter the country as a skilled worker.

In Canada, for example, candidates earn points based on language skills, education, seniority, adaptability, and the availability of work waiting for them.

This is not the first time Trump has said that he wants it
He supported this in his speech in 2017 at the joint session of Congress, and again in his speech on the state of the Union in 2018. He also approved the draft law of 2017, which would create a scoring system that would emphasize the skills of immigrants. ,

“It’s time to start moving towards a merit-based immigration system: one that accepts people who have skills that want to work, who contribute to our society, and who love and respect our country,” Trump said in this regard.

Immigration rights advocates are already sounding the alarm

“The immigration plan proposed by President trump is a scandalous attempt to close doors to all but the richest and most privileged people, bypassing the human rights and legal obligations,” Amnesty International said in a statement. statement after trump’s speech.

The southern poverty law center called the plan “deeply anti-American” and said that the English language requirement “is at great odds with the values and diversity of our nation.”

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