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Your dog may come to hate who breaks your heart

Those who have a dog as a pet can notice how it reacts when a stranger arrives at home: it moves away, it barks or it is very affectionate, even more than normal. But why is this reaction?

According to experts, dogs have an extra sense with which they perceive the danger, dislike or kindness that comes from other people or the environment in which they are. That extra sense is visible.

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On the internet, videos of pets fleeing or hiding minutes before a natural disaster occurred. In other recordings, they are seen acting nervously seconds before some supposed paranormal event.

On the other hand, there are videos in which their owners pretend to be attacked and the dogs do not hesitate to defend them. There are also sad cases in which the owner or owner dies and the puppy remains a long time in the grave waiting for him to return.

dog with suspicion gesture

The psychologist James Anderson and his team of researchers from the University of Kyoto, Japan, published a study that shows that dogs are able to recognize if someone is a good or bad person; They can mainly know if they are being rude to another human being.

The study appeared in the journal Neuroscience and BiobehavioralReviews with the title “Human social evaluations done by dogs”, and to reach the conclusions described above the researchers asked the owners of some dogs to act in different situations while their pets watched them.

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Then, faced with the same request for help from the owner of the dog, one researcher remained passive and the other refused to help. At the end of the exercise, the two returned to offer a prize to the dog and he ignored the one who was bad with his owner.

girl playing with her dogs

In the end, they pointed out that the same thing happens with people who have done some damage to their owners, be it physical or emotional. So if you plan to return with your ex, your dog could hate him, and incidentally … judge you by giving another chance to the one who broke your heart.

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